Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Do not see intention behind somebody else's mistakes.

Expand - The nature of joy is to share, to expand, to stretch.

“Being Natural” -When you are natural, when you don't pretend, then you are very close to the Divine."

“Effort won't work” - The moment you make an effort to love somebody or to be happy, you cannot."

“See love even where it isn't” - Even if people don't like or love you, from your side you consider that they do love you, so that your love,at least,gets protected. Otherwise, when you think somebody doesn't love you, then you will also stop loving them."

Even if somebody doesn't love you, just go and tell them, "Oh, I know you love me so much." Tell them five or six times,see the change in them. Even if they don't love you, they'll start."

Observe your mind---it's either in the past or in the future. Do you see that? We regret the past and are anxious about the future.

“Take It For Granted” - Take it for granted---even if nobody loves you, say, "Everyone loves me!"

“That is Enough!” - God loves you. That is enough. And, you *are* love. That is enough!

“No Way” - There is no way---not by any action or by words---that you can ever convince anybody that you really love them The more we try to do it, the more we are doing the contrary.

“How to drain love” - We keep on challenging: "Do you really love me? If you really love me then you won't do like this.
You should be doing this way." When we keep some such measuring rods, then we are draining love."

“Abundance is a state of mind” - Abundance is a state of mind within you. If you just look at "lack," the lack increases in life.“Don't look at lack.” - Don't look at the lack in your life. See what you have. Then abundance increases.“Look at what you have.” - Just look at what you have. Focus on it---because where you put your energy that increases in life.

“Which way are you looking?” - You think, "Nobody loves me! Everybody hates me!" and I tell you, that is what is going to happenBecause you will be looking in that direction, looking that way. I'm sure you'll find somebody---even theeven the most nice person will look at you and may not give a big smile to you.

*Opposite Values are Complementary
*Accept people and Situations as they are
*Do not be a football of other people's opinion
*Give Your Hundred Percent
*Forgive and forget the past

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